Mike says goodbye (De Groeten van Mike!)

Original Title Mike says goodbye (De Groeten van Mike!) , Item Link Read more, 1


The decennial Mike has already had a lot of his teeth during his young life. The boy is in the hospital where his treatment for leukemia has been completed successfully. Just before Christmas Mike can not wait until he can go home. His single mother Natasha cannot lay off the booze and behaves himself even as a small child. They only think of themselves and fail to get out of the hospital her son. The Youth Care Agency has all sorts of plans to drop. Mike with a foster family The eloquent Mike there is little appetite. Because it can also fine living in the hospital, especially after he became friends with the introverted Vincent. Mike is therefore doing everything possible to make. Absolutely impossible Cilia of Youth.

Mike Says Goodbye won two Golden Frog awards on the International Children's Film Festival in Krakau, Poland (2013). One award was given by the main jury of the festival, the other award was given by the children's jury.

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